Carry On Cooking!

The Glory Years At Joginder’s Supperclub!

Hello Folks!

We hope you’re all keeping well and happy! We’ve all had our vaccinations which is great, hopefully you’ve all been jabbed too!

You won’t be surprised to read that we are still cooking and delivering our weekly ‘Eat Well & Be Happy’ weekend supper menu It’s been so lovely to reconnect with supper club guests from as far back as 2009 when we first opened our dining room up to you all! Whilst we don’t know if or when we will continue our beloved supper club in it’s original format, never fear, we aren’t going anywhere or hanging up our aprons!

This was us in 2010 – pictured by the Islington Gazette at the start of our supper club journey. Ma Rani had been cooking for many years beforehand and locals were already familiar with her food.

Our weekend supper menu is based on many of our supper club favourites over the years, some of which were suggested by you. We have expanded it to include a couple of our most popular meat dishes, including Joginder’s Murgh Masala, a family recipe that Ma Rani will never divulge but continues to cook to her delicious exacting standards every week!

This was Ma Rani in 1984 featured in the Islington Gazette!

We’re delighted to have become part of the founding team of cooks for ‘GRACE is COOKING’, a collection of home cooks in within the Islington and Camden area who are committed to cooking an extra meal one night a week for a family in need with children of primary school age. GRACE’s aim is to provide a tasty, healthy meal selection that can be enjoyed not just by the children but adults too.

GRACE is in need of more cooks for next term (September 2021) so please do read more on the website and sign up in the link here:

Hilldrop Community Centre run a weekly Food Bank and Food Club. We’ve been providing some of our meal kits each week for families in need and our samosas for all the fab volunteers! You can find out more about Hilldrop’s Community Events here:

You can still buy our samosas at Bumblebee on Brecknock Road and also at Green Note live music venue and vegetarian cafe in Camden

And lastly – you can order our Samosa/Mini Pakora Picnic & Party Boxes directly from us here:

So…we hope to welcome you back to the supper table soon folks! In the meantime be happy, be well, enjoy life and have a great summer!

Rani, Saira (& Graham!) xx

image courtesy of Karishma (Isolating Together Project)


And we are still here. Still in lockdown and still living through a difficult and at times stressful period of our all our lives. It’s been a strange start to 2021. We had hopes for our usual family Christmas but likes so many other millions of families in the UK we stuck to the rules and it was perhaps the quietest Christmas we have ever had BUT we are all still healthy (thank goodness) and we are trying to smile as much as we can.

One thing that is making us smile is seeing so many of you each week on our delivery rounds every Friday! We are continuing to do our ‘Stay At Home & Stay Safe’ Supper Menu. We have a new menu for winter 2021 so please do drop us an e-mail if you don’t have it yet!

Last week we were so pleased to be able to share come of our meal kits with the Hilldrop Community Centre Food Hub. It is a fantastic community service which is helping so many people in need. We do still find it hard to understand why in this day and age people are left with the choice of either starving or having to rely on community services such as this but thank goodness that they can and thank goodness for everyone doing their bit across London and the whole of the UK to help those in need.

Our cooking for frontline NHS staff continues and we are joined again by Pannaa, our fab sister in law who is literally the star baker! Her cakes make all the difference each week and help balance out the copious bags of samosas we make!

So we just wanted to touch base to say hello and we hope you and your loved ones are continuing to keep safe and healthy. We don’t know if or when our little supper club will resume but what we do know is that we won’t stop cooking! We have a few new dishes coming up over the next few months and you can of course continue to buy our curry kits and our selection of masala chai tea bags as gifts.

Take care!

Rani & Saira (& Graham!) xx

image courtesy of Karishma (Isolating Together Project)

What’s Cooking?…We Are!…Still!

It doesn’t seem like it was 8 months ago when we were first told to ‘Stay at Home, Protect the NHS and Save Lives’. We don’t know about you but it feels a lot longer. The year is certainly dragging on for many of us and with a second lockdown under way, now more than ever we need to try and cheer each other up, check in on those who we know to be on their own or struggling and help our communities as best as we can. With that in mind we have put our kitchen to good use these last few months by providing affordable home cooked dishes for our local community and further afield in North London. This has made it possible for us to invest the majority of that cash back into providing frontline NHS workers with box loads of samosas, pakoras and ready to eat curry kits.

A big thank you to Pannaa Chauhan and Sherry Neyhus who have been baking up a storm with wonderful sweet treat for our deliveries to NHS staff.

As we get to grips with this second lockdown and because we don’t like to sit around doing nothing, we’re extending our cooking sauces and rice bags to food banks as well as continuing to do our weekly food orders and NHS staff deliveries.

Our ‘Stay At Home & Stay Safe’ menu has evolved to our ‘Stay At Home & Eat Well’ weekend menu. We’ve added some new dishes so we hope you enjoy trying them out over the next few months. If you haven’t received the autumn/winter menu yet, do drop us an email CONTACT US

Our beloved Supper Club turns 11 this month, this weekend in fact! Happy Birthday to us! Read more about how we started here THE SUPPERCLUB

We may have had to close our doors for the foreseeable future but our kitchen certainly hasn’t! We’re delighted that so many of our Supper Club regulars have been ordering their Friday night supper treats from us. It’s nice to see how everyone’s getting on and have a quick chat on the doorstep when we can. Having said that Ma Rani & Graham have been shielding, so it’s Saira who you see out and about doing the deliveries!

We hope you and your loved ones are continuing to keep safe and well as we all try and get through the next few months.

Lots of love and we hope we’ll see you again soon!

Rani, Saira (& Graham!) xx

This photo was taken by the Karishma Puri as part of her ongoing exhibition project about lockdown life in Kentish Town and Tufnell Park. We’re delighted to be included in the project! Read more about it here

Please contact us if you wish to use any of our images or media before displaying on any sites virtually or physically. Thanks!

Please contact us should you wish to use any images or content from our website and blog. Thanks!

Local Food Deliveries ~ Stay At Home. Protect The NHS. Save Lives.

Hello Folks,

We sincerely hope that you are managing to stay well and safe. This is an extraordinarily challenging and frightening time for us all. We want to try and help you albeit in a small way.

From this week we are offering a local food delivery service in Tufnell Park, Kentish Town and Highgate for a number of our customers who have bought our food at our markets or have joined us at one of our Supperclubs over the years.

If you would like our local delivery produce list then please do drop us an e-mail;

We are doing a selection of our vegetarian, vegan & gluten free ready to heat and eat dishes and curry sauces. All of our produce can be frozen.

We will be doing deliveries each Friday afternoon between 3.30-5pm.

We are continuing to supply our samosas to BumbleBee Organic Foods every day, they are on York Way just at the junction of Camden Road.

Our priority will be delivering orders to NHS staff, vulnerable individuals and the elderly, particularly those who cannot leave their home.

Every week we are cooking up some of our dishes as ready to eat meals for Saira’s partner and his colleagues at London Ambulance Service, Tottenham and Edmonton Stations.

Stay well and safe.

All our love

Rani, Saira & Graham xxx


Merry Christmas & A Very Happy New Year!


We were hosting our last supperclub for 2018 and we were pleased to welcome a full table of guests, including a returnee and an old family friend. Once everybody was sat down and introductions were complete, early conversation started in the usual excited random manner.

A brief comment on Brexit failed to stimulate any further comment apart from general boredom with the subject. One guest felt that Theresa May was doing her best and was beginning to sound like Maggie Thatcher as each day passed! The recent Bake-Off final proved more stimulating and one of our guests declared their intention to enter next year. We suggested trying some of our recipes for naan and roti bread in preparation for the technical tasks! We wish them the best of luck!

As several of our guests had come down from Highgate the subject of celebrity guests was another conversation item. The floral tribute to George Michael is no longer there but his generosity to the funding of events in Highgate Village was well recognised by locals and his presence as a member of the Highgate community is still missed. Tufnell Park may be ‘down the hill’ from Highgate but it certainly can compete on the celebrity resident front. We have welcomed a few to our table but as many of our guests know, we like to be discreet so names will ever be mentioned!

All of our guests, including several vegetarians, were enjoying the varied menu and both wine, beer and conversation flowed throughout the evening.



Many thanks to all of our guests for all their kind comments in our guest book and hopefully we will meet again in 2019 as we celebrate our 10th birthday. Time has really flown by since we hosted our first supperclub on 14th November 2009 and we have worked out that nearly 1,000 guests have graced our table over the years. We would love you to join us in 2019 so please do keep checking in for new dates. In the meantime our new dates for January and February are Saturday 12th January & Saturday 2nd February.


From all of us at Joginder’s Supperclub, we wish you a merry christmas and a happy and prosperous new year.

See you in 2019 folks!


Tales From The Green Room!


Photo credit: Jamie & Rosie Partin

More words from Pa Graham. Our resident supperclub paperback writer…..

Saturday 6th October 2018

We had a full table for our supperclub on Saturday 6th October. A group of friends from Tottenham (when will the new stadium be ready?!), a mother and daughter from Upper Holloway (is there a lower Holloway?…), a lovely lady from Muswell Hill (Toffs is still selling quality fish and chips!) and two friends from Richmond and Oxford.

As everybody took their seats at the table one had the impression it would be a lively evening! Mother and daughter started the conversation with their visit to a cattery to collect two kittens. It was agreed that it would be a challenging but ultimately rewarding experience.

The gentleman from Oxford was in the motor trade but could not afford to own the product he sold. The luxurious Aston Martin. It was great to see Jack and Eugenie leave for their evening reception in a legendary Aston Martin DB4!

Conversation flowed as bottles were opened and the starters were served to get the evening started.  A discussion of Toga parties moved seamlessly to the challenge of making friends in London, the challenge of getting on the property ladder and ultimately why London offers so much to people of all ages and cultures.

The variety of dishes on the menu were enjoyed by all of our guests and once again the Mushroom Masala got a special mention.





Many thanks to all of our guests for their kind comments and fabulous company. We look forward to meeting again at future supperclubs and we also look forward to welcoming new guests to our last two supperclubs of the year on the 24th November and 8th of December.





Tales From The Green Room

We haven’t written one of these for a while…Pa Graham was the man in charge of this blog and for some reason he has got behind on his writing…..but never fear for he has his pencil back in hand so here is a small piece from our first supper club of September straight from the table…..Enjoy! (Thanks to supperclub regulars, Rosie & Jamie for this photo X)


Photo credit: Jamie & Rosie Partin

Tales From The Green Room ~ Saturday 1st September 2018

After a summer recess, the first supper club of the new season was held on Saturday 1st September. We had 10 guests at the table, including a quartet from St Albans, a couple from nearby (their first visit to us) and two of our friends. After a glass or two of some bubbles, everybody was seated and chatting to each other and across the table, ready for Saira’s welcome briefing for the evening.


One of our guests asked about the origins of the supper club and how it has evolved. It all started in November 2009 as a joint idea from Rani (Head Chef) and Saira (Sous Chef). The aim was to provide an authentic home cooked Punjabi meal at one table for a small number of guests usually, total strangers. Our supper club is in memory of Rani’s mother, Joginder, who sadly died a number of years ago but would have loved to be in the kitchen with her daughter and granddaughter. She continues to be a great influence for Saira & Rani in their cooking and family life with our two sons, our daughter in law, our granddaughter and our extended families.


Joginder with her granddaugther Saira.


Over the years the concept has remained largely unchanged although the menu has been modified to provide natural gaps in the evening for a stroll in the garden, a tinkle on the baby grand piano in the living room or a chat with Rani & Saira in the kitchen. We now seat a maximum of twelve guests around the table, cosy not cramped.

As per usual early chit-chat was fairly random. There was some discussion about supper clubs and the general opinion was that they seem to be less common now – at least in certain areas of the UK.

One of our guests regaled us with tales of the life of a bus driver in Brighton and how he dealt with difficult passengers. He went on to describe experiences at Glastonbury as a regular reveller in the comparative luxury of a camper van (with a shower!). Our son went to Glastonbury in 1998 when Blur were top of the bill and it rained most of the weekend. On his return home he had to be hosed down at the front door and sent straight to the bathroom and his muddy clothes straight to the laundrette!.

For some reason the conversation then turned to high quality television….more wine was poured as most of us glazed over at this stage but the conclusion was that to appreciate high quality definition you need to have high quality eyesight (not many of us do!). Everybody was enjoying the food and conversation continued to flow along with the wine and lager. At the end of the evening, our guests left extremely full but happy from the variety of food served up throughout the evening!

Our next supper clubs are to be held on 15th September and 6th October with more dates for November and December coming soon….We look forward to welcoming you to Joginder’s Supperclub soon.



Order your weekly produce from us this summer!

img_5244-5We have updated our weekly produce list for the summer. As many of you know we offer a weekly delivery service to our local customers who cannot make it to our weekend markets. We have a number of new delicious dishes on offer which aren’t available at our food markets so just drop us an email at for a copy of our produce list. You can contact us by email or phone to place your orders.

Order by 12pm on Thursdays with a free delivery  service between 5-7pm on Fridays and 10-11.30am on Saturdays. 


Happy New Year from Joginder’s Supperclub!


Where did 2017 go?…It seemed to whizz by in a flash of food markets, supper clubs and samosas! On the 18th November 2017 we celebrated our 8th birthday with a full table of guests, some of whom were familiar faces and a lovely group of new faces.



We have been really lucky over the years to have met such lovely, interesting, happy people from all four corners of the globe and some a little closer to home! Over the years we have managed to cultivate our reputation as Tufnell Park’s alternative dining venue with many locals coming to us.






What is particularly nice is seeing familiar faces in the local area as we go about our daily lives too. Some guests have become firm friends of ours (whether they like it or not!) and it is great to meet up socially in and around Tufnell Park. We hope 2018 brings us even more interesting and lively supper clubs as we prepare for our first one of the year on 20th January. We hate disappointing people with fully booked dates so we are going to do our best to get some more dates in throughout the year, watch this space for the odd Friday night supper or Sunday lunch as well as our usual Saturday night supper. We hope this way many more of you can join us as we go into our 9th year. We have been going this long because you keep coming back and we thank you sincerely for doing so. We love cooking and meeting new people and we hope that this continues to be reflected in your evenings with us. By keeping the table small we hope that the intimate, relaxed and social evening we are known for, continues for many years to come!


We continue to supply our vegan samosas and gluten free pakora to a number of great shops in London, do take a look at our ‘Where to find our produce’ page for more information. You can continue to order our party boxes!.


Our food markets continue to attract more of you to our food and we thank you! As well as our samosas and pakoras, you can find our vegan and gluten free cooking sauces, Daal pots, take away curries, chutneys and relishes, all handmade and homemade by us in our home kitchen in Tufnell Park. We started offering a produce delivery service in the local area and we are delighted to have so many local customers who loyally bought from us at the Tufnell Park Tavern Food Market. If you are interested in ordering from us please do drop us an email for a produce list which includes all of our delicious ready to eat food and pantry items including freezer supplies like our Daal pots. Free local delivery on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings.

We also supply our food through our friends at the Food Assembly. You can order from Islington, Kings Cross or Old Street Food Assemblies for deliveries on Tuesdays and Sundays weekly.


2018, we hope, will continue to be a busy year for us, as 2017 was. You can find as at our regular market spots at Partridges Fine Food Market on Saturdays, Tottenham Green Market on Sundays, Spitalfields on Fridays and Cardinal Place, Victoria on Thursdays as well as our annual event at BBC Good Food Feast at Hampton Court Palace during the last August bank holiday of the summer.


Look out for dates for our informal cookery classes too…..


Do remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with us in 2018 and to get yourself booked into our supper club as and when we release new dates. Places fill up fast!.

So that’s us for the start of 2018! We have lots to do and lots of you to meet (and feed). Thank you to everyone for your continued support and we look forward to welcoming you to Joginder’s Supperclub very soon.


Saira & Rani x