And we are still here. Still in lockdown and still living through a difficult and at times stressful period of our all our lives. It’s been a strange start to 2021. We had hopes for our usual family Christmas but likes so many other millions of families in the UK we stuck to the rules and it was perhaps the quietest Christmas we have ever had BUT we are all still healthy (thank goodness) and we are trying to smile as much as we can.

One thing that is making us smile is seeing so many of you each week on our delivery rounds every Friday! We are continuing to do our ‘Stay At Home & Stay Safe’ Supper Menu. We have a new menu for winter 2021 so please do drop us an e-mail if you don’t have it yet!

Last week we were so pleased to be able to share come of our meal kits with the Hilldrop Community Centre Food Hub. It is a fantastic community service which is helping so many people in need. We do still find it hard to understand why in this day and age people are left with the choice of either starving or having to rely on community services such as this but thank goodness that they can and thank goodness for everyone doing their bit across London and the whole of the UK to help those in need.

Our cooking for frontline NHS staff continues and we are joined again by Pannaa, our fab sister in law who is literally the star baker! Her cakes make all the difference each week and help balance out the copious bags of samosas we make!

So we just wanted to touch base to say hello and we hope you and your loved ones are continuing to keep safe and healthy. We don’t know if or when our little supper club will resume but what we do know is that we won’t stop cooking! We have a few new dishes coming up over the next few months and you can of course continue to buy our curry kits and our selection of masala chai tea bags as gifts.

Take care!

Rani & Saira (& Graham!) xx

image courtesy of Karishma (Isolating Together Project)

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