Tales From The Green Room!


Photo credit: Jamie & Rosie Partin

More words from Pa Graham. Our resident supperclub paperback writer…..

Saturday 6th October 2018

We had a full table for our supperclub on Saturday 6th October. A group of friends from Tottenham (when will the new stadium be ready?!), a mother and daughter from Upper Holloway (is there a lower Holloway?…), a lovely lady from Muswell Hill (Toffs is still selling quality fish and chips!) and two friends from Richmond and Oxford.

As everybody took their seats at the table one had the impression it would be a lively evening! Mother and daughter started the conversation with their visit to a cattery to collect two kittens. It was agreed that it would be a challenging but ultimately rewarding experience.

The gentleman from Oxford was in the motor trade but could not afford to own the product he sold. The luxurious Aston Martin. It was great to see Jack and Eugenie leave for their evening reception in a legendary Aston Martin DB4!

Conversation flowed as bottles were opened and the starters were served to get the evening started.  A discussion of Toga parties moved seamlessly to the challenge of making friends in London, the challenge of getting on the property ladder and ultimately why London offers so much to people of all ages and cultures.

The variety of dishes on the menu were enjoyed by all of our guests and once again the Mushroom Masala got a special mention.





Many thanks to all of our guests for their kind comments and fabulous company. We look forward to meeting again at future supperclubs and we also look forward to welcoming new guests to our last two supperclubs of the year on the 24th November and 8th of December.





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