Merry Christmas & A Very Happy New Year!


We were hosting our last supperclub for 2018 and we were pleased to welcome a full table of guests, including a returnee and an old family friend. Once everybody was sat down and introductions were complete, early conversation started in the usual excited random manner.

A brief comment on Brexit failed to stimulate any further comment apart from general boredom with the subject. One guest felt that Theresa May was doing her best and was beginning to sound like Maggie Thatcher as each day passed! The recent Bake-Off final proved more stimulating and one of our guests declared their intention to enter next year. We suggested trying some of our recipes for naan and roti bread in preparation for the technical tasks! We wish them the best of luck!

As several of our guests had come down from Highgate the subject of celebrity guests was another conversation item. The floral tribute to George Michael is no longer there but his generosity to the funding of events in Highgate Village was well recognised by locals and his presence as a member of the Highgate community is still missed. Tufnell Park may be ‘down the hill’ from Highgate but it certainly can compete on the celebrity resident front. We have welcomed a few to our table but as many of our guests know, we like to be discreet so names will ever be mentioned!

All of our guests, including several vegetarians, were enjoying the varied menu and both wine, beer and conversation flowed throughout the evening.



Many thanks to all of our guests for all their kind comments in our guest book and hopefully we will meet again in 2019 as we celebrate our 10th birthday. Time has really flown by since we hosted our first supperclub on 14th November 2009 and we have worked out that nearly 1,000 guests have graced our table over the years. We would love you to join us in 2019 so please do keep checking in for new dates. In the meantime our new dates for January and February are Saturday 12th January & Saturday 2nd February.


From all of us at Joginder’s Supperclub, we wish you a merry christmas and a happy and prosperous new year.

See you in 2019 folks!


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