What a lovely evening…

We had great fun last night and our dinner guests were some of the nicest people one could hope to have at a supperclub! Photos and blog to follow shortly but after only a few hours sleep I’m off to my local for a couple of sunday drinks and Mum is having a well deserved ‘chill out’ day!



12th December SupperClub

Thanks to those who have already booked without knowing the menu – we so appreciate your faith in our food and we promise you an unforgettable evening!

Our plan is to serve Punjabi food with Christmas touches! The menu is being planned and as soon as our 14th Nov. evening is completed we will be posting the details.

Please book early as we have limited places and find it sad to have to say ‘sorry’ as we had to do this week.

We have added a new date….

Saturday 12th December  ‘A Hint of Christmas’

Our December supper club promises to have a ‘hint’ of Christmas thrown in. We love Christmas in our house and it’s always a big celebration! Please do reserve a space to add to your month of underground restaurant festivities!

Saturday 16th January ‘The playwrights Supper club at Joginder’s’.

We’ve added a bit of a twist to this evening. Because Saira works a lot with new writers in her capacity as a theatre practitioner, we thought it would be a great idea to showcase talent that is emerging within the new writing scene. If you are a playwright – still studying or trying to make a career then we are offering you a platform to give a reading of one of your pieces to the public who also book for the supper club. We will also have some industry professionals who will be able to offer you some advice about your work and what to do next. You can then relax and enjoy Joginder’s supper club for the rest of the evening!

We won’t have the menu ready until the end of December,  however you would like to book a place now then please e-mail us at ‘Contact Joginder’s’.


Can a curry ever be Britain’s best dish?

Mum got through to the  stages of being selected to cook for Britain’s Best Dish, currently showing on ITV.  She was going to cook her chicken curry (which is one of our dishes for the first supper club). At the last-minute Mum got cold feet and I think there was just a slight doubt in her mind that it could never compete against a roast dinner. One of the researchers was really lovely and she tried on more than one occasion to persuade Mum to carry on. She definately should have done. Oh well!  I have been watching some of the programmes. An Indian lady from the Midlands made either Chicken Tikka or Tandoori wraps and she won her round. A young lady made a roasted rabbit salad and she also won her round. I thought both dishes looked mouthwateringly tasty but obviously I did lean more towards the wraps as for me Indian food beats anything!  However, after seeing the sorts of dishes that are being made and winning, I’m thinking that can we ever compete and win against a roasted loin of pork with mashed potatoes and mustard gravy, or a homemade lamb pie or indeed fish and chips?

I might persuade my Mum to enter again next year and put it to the test. No backing out this time. (I’ve just read this back and I sound like an unglamorous, less sophisticated Carrie Bradshaw writing on an empty stomach!)

Saira x

Disaster in the kitchen…mother mine to the rescue

So the cooker decided to blow up on me last week (the first time I was attempting a new dish I might add). I have a microwave and a toasted sandwich maker to use for now.

Enter Rani.

I moaned that there is only so much microwave cooking one can do until cooking dinner for me and my better half only takes seven minutes. I know this is a god send after a busy day at work, but I like cooking. It’s theraputic and satisfying once you have managed to create a home cooked meal.I have unplugged the microwave this evening and mum is literally ‘whipping’ up an indian meal in an hour before I have to go home. I’m still in awe of what she can do with a sack of potatoes, her spice tin and a handful of coriander!. I can smell the food now and my mouth is watering. Ok so I didn’t cook tonight but you’re not allowed to so no to your mother.

Smells good

Smells good

and plate it up...serve with freshly boiled rice

and plate it up...serve with freshly boiled rice

Mouth-watering food in less than an hour. This dish may go on the menu for our first supper club.