12th December SupperClub

Thanks to those who have already booked without knowing the menu – we so appreciate your faith in our food and we promise you an unforgettable evening!

Our plan is to serve Punjabi food with Christmas touches! The menu is being planned and as soon as our 14th Nov. evening is completed we will be posting the details.

Please book early as we have limited places and find it sad to have to say ‘sorry’ as we had to do this week.

2 thoughts on “12th December SupperClub

  1. I was excited about coming to your place for dinner and I still remain excited after I’ve had the pleasure of doing so after a few hours. What pleasure, what hospitality and what food (the amazing chicken curry lived up to the billing and the fish curry was tantalising)! When I’m ready I shall photo-blog the divine evening in more detail. Thank you Rani, Saira and Graham, and of course the wonderful company of the dinner guests.


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