Shopping for fresh ingredients in a sunny but very cold Kingsbury – burrrr!!!

I was in  two minds about shopping this afternoon or tomorrow morning. I am lucky enough to teach in a school where we finish at lunchtime so I decided to go for it even though  I was exhausted after a week of teaching so didn’t really fancy it. However, I did check with Saira ( also exhausted after a week at the South Bank )  for cancellations before I went shopping and luckily there were none. So I went and bought all the food.

I cannot tell you the pleasure in buying fresh ingredients to cook a meal. I hope our guests will enjoy the food tomorrow evening. I have been prepping and cooking most of the evening with a short break with my husband and son to have a lovely meal at our local gastro pub called ‘The Junction ‘.

Looking forward to tomorrow night!

What is it about SALT!!

Salt is a very important flavouring in every cuisine in the world. However, it is only a very small part of the flavour of the dish. Most cuisines around the world realize that a small amount of salt ‘alerts’ our flavour taste buds which then alert the ‘sour, sweet and bitter’ buds.

However, the wide variety of international taste sensations which we experience when we eat and drink can only be explained by the fact that our sense of smell also plays an important part – when you are tasting something you are also smelling  it. Have you noticed that if you eat something when you have a cold you actually ‘taste’ nothing – both senses are impaired!.

If people have had  a high salt diet it is going to be hard to get used to a low salt diet and appreciate the ‘FLAVOURS’ of the food.  But I promise you that you will not miss the levels of salt used but will enjoy the different flavors of the curries’ and their allocated level of salt .

I will continue to use my level of salt in my dishes and  my diners can, if they so wish, add a little more because you can’t take it away

Thank you Chris!!  Looking forward to seeing you and Dave  on the 27th.

Joginder’s & Moelfaban has been rescheduled for a later date….

Due to unforeseeable circumstances our road trip to North Wales and the supperclub has been cancelled for this weekend, but we are rescheduling for a later date. Maybe when this weather turns a little friendlier! We are doing a big family dinner instead and trying out lots of new dishes on our unsuspecting siblings and otherhalves so watch this space for photos! See you on the 27th if you have booked for our charity night

Saira & Rani x

Joginder’s Supper Club is all about home cooked Punjabi food.

I wish I had the time to write as prolifically as  some other supper club ‘owners ‘ do. I didn’t think it was important to put up lots of photos etc. etc. prior to a supper evening but I think I will have to try harder to  to give our diners an idea of what we will serve them.  It does not make the food any better because the dishes are not invented but are cooked as I learnt from Beje and I have cooked them for the last 35 years.

When I got married in 1974 the highlight of a  ‘new wife’ was to have a dinner party ( ‘ Abigail’s Party’  – a little later but the concept is the same!)  My favourite was French food and I still think that I can cook a respectable ‘Boeuf Bourguignon’ and ‘Coq au Vin’. Very many holidays in France and many friends from France coming to visit us were probably the reason for this!. However, now and then I thought I would surprise  them and cook my Punjabi food and wait for the reaction! !

30 years later all my friends expect to eat my home cooked Punjabi food and 99% of the time they seem to be disappointed if I want to serve anything else. I only do it if I want to try something different because I love cooking and am always trying something new.

My helpers in this task, I hope will be ‘ Chris and Dave’ – our guests who have been to all our supper clubs . They love Indian food and are so knowledgable about it and are happy to tell me what they enjoy. We look forward to seeing them and all our other guests for our Charity event on the 27th Feb.

We have one space left for our charity night…..

Have a look at our menu, if it is something you like the sound off then please do book a space. All of the donations will be going to Cancer Research, who have kindly provided donation boxes for us to use on the night. It is something close to our hearts and this seems a perfect way of raising money for a very worthy cause! (You don’t have to wear pink but the more the merrier!)

Saira x

In case you are wondering….

The eyes are my Bejee (grandmother) which has created our website header. Her portrait hangs, pride of place in the dining room. My uncle (Ma Rani’s older brother)commissioned the pencil portrait many years ago in Nairobi, East Africa. I got quite sentimental about her today, she taught me my first words in Punjabi and the strongest memory I have of her is cooking daal and rice for me when I was three and helping me to finish the snow white jigsaw she had bought as a present. My mum was just starting out as a teacher when I was born and because of the long hours, didn’t want to leave me with a child minder. So I would go to my grandparents four days a week. I don’t speak Punjabi very well now but I do understand it. So by writing this I have just realised where my love for ‘the best dish in the world ever’ comes from.  Daal and rice the way I like  it was made Bejee style and thank goodness mum makes it just as good!

Saira x

A Perfect Sunday…

It had to happen at some point this month. Manchester City are playing Portsmouth as we speak. Settling down to watch the game with Pa G and what did we smell…a plate full of Pakoras made by Ma Rani along with some brown sauce and steaming hot cups of tea. Now all I need to do is turn the fire on. Perfect Sunday afternoon…ahhhhh.


The Playwright’s Evening at Joginder’s.

Ma Rani making the Paneer.

The table is set, now we just need the guests!

So this was to be our third supperclub and probably the most liveliest! We had a real mix of people around the table. We were delighted to welcome Ms Marmitelover for the evening and we had some guests returning for the second time and some for the first. It’s great when guests who are returning feel completely comfortable wandering into the kitchen towards the garden to have a ciggie and in passing say “Everything alright Saira. Do you need a hand taking anything to the table”. That made me laugh and I love how relaxed our guests felt!  Unfortunately two young writers who had booked for the evening were then unable to make it so the evening turned into conversations about film, theatre, travel and I think politics crept in somewhere. (Try and watch District 9. I agreed with Bellaphon it is much better than Avatar.) Sorry, back to the food. We were cooking for both vegetarians and meat eaters so we decided to serve Paneer Keema and Fish Bhuna as alternatives to the Chicken, Lamb and Mutton. The fish found its way around the table with everyone helping themselves to a spoonful! There is always a danger when one is serving up lots of hearty dishes at the same time that it turns into some sort of Tudor style banquet, but as with trial and error we decided to use smaller dishes so the food was at both ends of the table. Firstly the food stayed warm for longer and people didn’t have to reach past each other to serve from the big dishes that we had used for the previous evenings. This has seemed to work and as Ma Rani has said for our charity night on the 27th of February, we are going to try a different way of serving up our food.

Unknown to me, earlier on in the day, Ma Rani, silently, but creatively had made an additional dessert. However this was for people to try and then give their honest opinion about the texture, flavour and presentation.  She had made a Punjabi style Blancmange called Phrini.  Everyone did enjoy it, giving suggestions as to what would make it better for them. For instance two guests loved the flavour but didn’t like the texture. It was agreed that this was a nice little add-on to the evening (nice one Ma). Once Masala Chai had been served, mum and I were then able to sit and chat to our guests before the last trains beckoned. It was a really nice evening and once again thank you to our guests.

I was a bit pants and I didn’t take any photos of the evening in full swing, but please do check out our review from the lovely Bellaphon who took  some great pictures. Our aim, as always at Joginder’s Supperclub is to make people feel welcome (after all it is our home you are stepping into!) and to give a great evening of home cooked food, good conversation and you may even make new friends!

See you at the next one!

Saira x

(click on the link to Fat Les to read the review)

Homemade Carrot & Onion Relish and Apple Chutney