In case you are wondering….

The eyes are my Bejee (grandmother) which has created our website header. Her portrait hangs, pride of place in the dining room. My uncle (Ma Rani’s older brother)commissioned the pencil portrait many years ago in Nairobi, East Africa. I got quite sentimental about her today, she taught me my first words in Punjabi and the strongest memory I have of her is cooking daal and rice for me when I was three and helping me to finish the snow white jigsaw she had bought as a present. My mum was just starting out as a teacher when I was born and because of the long hours, didn’t want to leave me with a child minder. So I would go to my grandparents four days a week. I don’t speak Punjabi very well now but I do understand it. So by writing this I have just realised where my love for ‘the best dish in the world ever’ comes from.  Daal and rice the way I like  it was made Bejee style and thank goodness mum makes it just as good!

Saira x

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