What is it about SALT!!

Salt is a very important flavouring in every cuisine in the world. However, it is only a very small part of the flavour of the dish. Most cuisines around the world realize that a small amount of salt ‘alerts’ our flavour taste buds which then alert the ‘sour, sweet and bitter’ buds.

However, the wide variety of international taste sensations which we experience when we eat and drink can only be explained by the fact that our sense of smell also plays an important part – when you are tasting something you are also smelling  it. Have you noticed that if you eat something when you have a cold you actually ‘taste’ nothing – both senses are impaired!.

If people have had  a high salt diet it is going to be hard to get used to a low salt diet and appreciate the ‘FLAVOURS’ of the food.  But I promise you that you will not miss the levels of salt used but will enjoy the different flavors of the curries’ and their allocated level of salt .

I will continue to use my level of salt in my dishes and  my diners can, if they so wish, add a little more because you can’t take it away

Thank you Chris!!  Looking forward to seeing you and Dave  on the 27th.

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