‘Rain didn’t stop play in the Garden’ for our supper club on the 4th. June.

What wonderful weather we have had but ‘Prior’ ( you will know what I mean if you are a cricket fan!) to our supper club it had been raining ‘cats & dogs’ or is it ‘dogs & cats’?? Any way it was wonderful to welcome our 12 guests with a cocktail of Pimms in our garden because the rain held off for the evening.

One of the young ladies arrived wearing what I can only describe as a ‘jumpsuit’! I thought it was beautiful because it reminded me of my younger days when I used to wear such wonderful creations – I am getting out the sewing machine tomorrow!!

Our guests were truly wonderful – they all knew that you are supposed to eat the chutney and relishes and there was not a morsel left!

There is lots more to say and post but having spent three days watching the Test Match as well as prepping and cooking for the  the supper club I am a bit exhausted!

In fact if I had been in Prior’s shoes I might well have made headlines regarding a window pane! I was there in the Allen Stand and initially thought that someone had dropped their bottle of wine!

More supper club thoughts to follow.

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