Joginder’s always caters for all!

We had a fantastic mix of guests around our dining club last weekend.

The Spicy Paneer, Capsicum and Tomato kebab with the Gobi paratha went down really well but it was  tough deciding whether to serve one or two – in the end one was enough as there was so much more food to follow!

This was followed by some very successful tangy Spinach, Onion and  Prawn pakoras – a dish Bejee cooked for us as a tea-time treat!

As a Punjabi I find it really hard to serve ‘a portion of food’ ! I was brought up with dishes of food being put on the table and we helped ourselves to as much as we wanted of our favourites ( in my case Chicken and Daal ) or as little  of the ones we had to eat because they were good for us ( Spinach and Cauliflower!)

I have to say that I was about 10 years old at this stage and my fondness of Punjabi non -meat food grew over the years, particularly when we came to live in the UK.  As a teenager I decided that I would be a vegetarian and my poor Ma Joginder ( Bejee) had to re-invent a whole range of dishes from her beloved Punjab. My class at Gravesend Grammer School for Girl’s became my ‘best friends’ whenever my lunch box had ‘something smelling nice’!

The ‘Green Bean, Chickpeas and Potato sabji was also a great hit last Saturday. Years ago Ma Joginder used to grow the beans and potatoes in her little garden in Northfleet ( which by the way is Ebsfleet International Station now, and whenever  I travel on Eurostar I can actually see the back of the street and park where I used to live and play with my brothers  in the mid- 60’s) !

So, we hope you enjoy the  photos and in the meantime  we are busy working on our menu for the 9th July!

As the weather gets warmer the garden makes a great place for pre supper drinks

Ma Rani at the ready to greet our guests!


Homemade Lemon & Orange Sorbet

See you in July!

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