Friends, New and Old (and the small matter of the FA Cup….)

I can tell you hand on heart that last night Joginder’s Supperclub cooked for a table of friends. We welcomed back some regular guests (and friends) and some new guests (who are now friends). We had the pleasure of ‘ The Clandestino Supperclub’  trying our food. What lovely people, and just as passionate about creating good food in a small intimate environment as we are.

Two guests, who’s first experience of the supperclub scene was coming to Joginder’s Supperclub last year, visited ‘ The Clanestino Supperclub ‘ a few months ago, and as well as enjoying the fabulous food got on really well with the hosts. It was so great last night to have them all around the table with our other guests.

Ma Rani in full supperclub mode wearing our Joginder's Supperclub apron made by Carolyn Agnew

The seafood starter went down very well, with one guest attempting to waft the smell of the dish put in front of her closer to her nose! This is the second time that we have served our seafood recipe in a runny masala sauce. We served Pollock with King Prawns with a slice of Spicy Paratha on the side.

Machi & Jhinga Masala served with Spicy Paratha (this picture doesn't do the dish justice!)

For the next course we served our ‘patty’ style kebabs. Moving away from lamb we used chicken instead. Served with mango, red onion, kucumber salsa & a mooli raita.

Tangy Murgh (chicken) Kebab

We do often get asked if we make our own ice cream, kulfi or milk ice. The answer is yes and Ma Rani went one step furthur to providing the evidence at the table of Cardomom milk ready to be churned…..

Cardomom Milk in its liquid form before churning

Back to the main courses……

Once again, Joginder’s Mutton Masala was on the menu. Punjabis’ don’t cook with a lot of lamb because the animal is deemed too young to eat (sorry to any vegetarian who is reading this, I won’t go into too much detail). My Bejee (Joginder) cooked with mutton because that was the family favourite alongside chicken. Lamb became a more popular dish with her once she moved to England back in 1960. Lamb was easier to get than mutton. The reason why we serve Joginder’s Mutton Masala and call it so is because the recipe hasn’t changed since Joginder cooked it all those years ago. It is one of our most popular meat dishes and I think that she would be proud that we are sticking to her recipe!

Joginder's Mutton Masala

Tarka Moong Daal with Crispy Onion

For dessert we served Cardomom milk ice alongside a seasonal fruit platter. Sorry, no pictures of the milk ice – still trying to remind myself to snap away through out the evening!!!

Ma Rani venturing out of the kitchen to chat to the guests in between courses

Ma and I don’t sit down to eat with the guests – it has been commented that people would like this so we can talk through the food. Unfortunately because we are cooking almost everything during the evening we can’t! So Ma Rani has decided that as the ‘head chef’ she is going to come to the table at least a couple of times during the evening to talk through the dishes and answer any questions people may have. It will probably be a welcome change from me prattling on all evening!!

Once again a wonderful time was had, and we throughly enjoyed seeing everyone again! Dave – I promise we will do a barbeque supperclub in your honour!

Finally I would like to throw my hands into the air and relive the moment from yesterday when Pa Graham, my brother and my football team lifted the FA Cup for the first time in 42 years!! Well done Manchester City, about time.

Our next dates are Saturday 4th June and Saturday 9th July. We look forward to cooking for you. See you at the table!

Saira x

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