Dusting off Ma Rani’s Cook Book




Ma Rani and I have had a great day brainstorming new recipe ideas for our supper club which is six years old this October, time flies when you are having fun cooking! Ma reminisced about her childhood learning how to cook from Bejee. I in turn am very lucky to have learnt to cook from Ma. Bejee is always with us and when Ma and I cook together, which is pretty much every day now, we know she is with us. Back in 1984 Ma wrote her North Indian cookery book, however, it was rejected by every publisher because ‘Madhur Jaffrey had the monopoly on Indian cooking’ and no publisher wanted to compete. Ma was featured in the Islington Gazette, as were a number of her recipes. Forward to 2015 and we are lucky to have so many cookery books and programmes showcasing different styles of Indian cooking. Ma lost out, I think wrongly (but I am biased!). So, we have gone through the book again, all 121 recipes and of course I am totally inspired by one of my favourite film’s ‘Julie and Julia’ so I have decided to cook my way through all the recipes and share them with you as I go.


121 recipes to go…….

Let me know what looks good (and what doesn’t) and I will be sharing many of these recipes with you as I cook up a dish or more each week!

Saira x

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