Saturday night at Joginder’s Supperclub….

Sorry a thousand times to Ma Rani and all of you readers for taking so long to write-up this blog post. No excuse,  just the world of cricket is very busy and I am consumed by it at the moment – in a good way though 😉

We had a great time last Saturday and we hope our guests did as well. The table was full and once again with a really lovely mix of people. The lovely Jarina who we met at Clandestinos Supperclub came with her brother. Anna, Patricia and Anj made up the Tufnell Park contingent, our friend Anne came all the way from Nofolk with her hubby Del and their lovely friends. We also welcomed friends Britta and Uli from Berlin to the table. Their daughter Nelly is my god-daughter and her obsession at the moment is Star Wars. She watched Return of the Jedi twice back to back when she stayed with us. Dedication. George Lucas would be proud.

We served Pork as a starter for the first time. A new creation from the kitchen.

For the Pork Masala we seasoned the sausage meat with spices and created small patties. Browned off over a heat and then oven cooked in Joginder’s Masala Sauce.

Ma Rani and I are spending more time digging around in antique shops (and John Lewis) for bits of crockery, cutlery and decoration for the supperclub. We have quite a collection now and I love to mix and match and at least half of my day is spent creating a table. I say creating because it really is when you are holding a supper party. I am obsessed with candles and even in my own home my poor other half always has the main light in the living turned off around him and his light replaced with candles. So when I am let loose on my parents table for the supperclub I don’t hold back. Obviously this is my own opinion..but comments warmly appreciated as to the extent of the table decoration.

Back to the food!

We served our very popular Fish Masala with Stuffed Paratha which does always go down well. I absolutely love this dish!

Just add a piece of Stuffed Paratha et Voila!

Vegetable Sabji

Joginder’s Murgh Masala, Chole Daal and Vegetable Sabji were served along with other dishes for the main part of the supper.

Complete control in the kitchen....

After nearly two years of running our little supperclub in good old Tufnell Park, Ma Rani and I really do work well together. We always have done, but once a month we spend two days together prepping, cooking, hosting and enjoying each other’s company.

For dessert we served a seasonal fruit platter with a Minted Gur.

Minted Gur

Gur is a hardened brown sugar which is crushed down to crumb consistency. It comes from the liquid from sugar which is initially pressed at first picking. You can buy it in all good world food stores or from Southall (not the only place to buy your produce I know!) Very useful tip – don’t attempt to use your blender! Put in the elbow grease and use a pestal and mortar to save your blender blades!

You then add what ever you like to it. It is lovely with cinnamon and a very nice topping for ginger cake.

Thank you so much to all our guests for yet another lovely evening! Our next supperclubs are Saturday 30th July and Saturday 6th August and we are really looking forward to cooking for you all! Your support is much appreciated and we are very happy that people find us an ideal Saturday night! No kick out time and you never know who you will meet or the friends you might make……

See you at the table!

Saira x

1 thought on “Saturday night at Joginder’s Supperclub….

  1. Had a fantastic time; journey from Norfolk well worth it. Dell has been converted to loving fish masala; a real surprise for him. And the daal – loved it too. So it has really opened him to new tastes; the best part of the supperclub. Company, as usual, great; Thank you Rani and Saira for all the cooking and opening your home to us.

    See you again xxx


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