Getting into ‘The Spring’ Off Things….

Here we go….a quick low down on last Saturday’s supperclub. The first one before Spring! Once again we were so lucky to have a group of friendly, food loving, chatty people around the table. Ma Rani spent more time than she has ever done before dotting out of the kitchen to talk to the guests (maybe she thought I was slacking in my front of house duties…)

Our menu on the 5th included mainly vegetarian choices for dishes and it is always great when avid meat eaters enjoy a lack of it sometimes! Everyone sat down at the table with empty stomachs (which always helps at Joginder’ Supperclub) and ready to feast on the selection of courses served up. The first course of Daal Stuffed Peppers went down very well. This dish is a new creation and works well as an afternoon snack or a supper course to kick of the meal.

Daal Stuffed Peppers served with Mango, Cucumber & Indian Red Onion

We added prawns to the Fish Masala to give the dish a bit of a twist and served with Stuffed Paratha.

Fish Masala served with Prawns & Stuffed Paratha

I am really strict with my timings for each course and compared with our first ever supperclub when we left just ten minutes between the starter courses and the main courses, you now get a good twenty minutes! We don’t rush people with the food – that’s really the reason you are here, to eat good food so what’s the point in having it all done and dusted by 10pm with your guests to full to comment! So learning from mistakes you now have a relaxed meander through North India and more time to enjoy our food.

Homemade Chilli Chutney, Tomato Relish, Mango Chutney and Onion Chutney

Busy Busy Busy...

The guests on Saturday were a real mixture of characters. We had the lovely ladies from the ECB, Ian & Marisa (who I hope weren’t bombarded with too much cricket talk around the table) and the fabulous Melissa. The table went silent on a few occasions and that was when the first mouthfuls of the courses were being taken and then the conversations continued. Everything from making chutney to the royal wedding, cricket to music, theatre to travel…the list goes on. Incidently we are very excited to be hosting a friends and family royal wedding extravaganza on the 29th April so no doubt I will have one bumper write up and photos for you!

We did a birthday supperclub last month and a request for a dessert course was something ‘lemony’. We created a spicy lemon tart for the occasion. This month, Ma Rani experimented with her own recipes for lemon sorbets, tortes, sponges and mousse and what she came up with was Lemon Phirni – her Panjabi take on a Lemon Mousse.  This dessert will be back on the menu as it all went, very quickly and was then followed by our seasonal fruit salad in a sweet masala sauce.

Preparing the Lemon Phirni

I feel hungry writing all of this.

Individual Lemon Phirni served in a Ramakin

We had another brilliant night and once again reaffirms why we host our supperclub. It really is such a nice feeling seeing and hearing people enjoying the evening, the food and each other’s company. I got asked if any two people had met at Joginder’s Supperclub and ‘fallen in love’. The answer is I don’t know.

It would be a Cilla Black moment though, wouldn’t it…if that email arrived saying thanks to you we’re getting hitched 🙂

  So our next date is Saturday 26th March – we have a couple of places free and then Saturday 16th April.

See you at the table!

Dear Saira and Rani
We had a lovely evening thank you very much. And I will definitely come again, food was gorgeous but the hospitality made it! 
Thanks very much again. 
Sarah  x

Dear Saira and Rani
Just a note to say thank you very much for hosting such a lovely evening, and such beautiful food on Saturday night.
The food was delicious and the whole night was great, such a warm, lovely setting. I did feel a little for your Canadian and German guests being a little bombarded by cricket/Australia/moving to Australia talk – but hopefully they didn’t mind too much!
I don’t know Rani about being an England Cricket fan … not great for the nerves – the boys are sure liking to keep things interesting this World Cup!
Thank you again
Dear Saira and Rani,

Many thanks for your wonderful hospitality and delicious food on Saturday night! It was a great evening and it was lovely to be welcomed so warmly into your home to share your love of cooking and eating.

Many thanks, warm wishes and with hope of visiting again,

Kim (& Henry) x



 Saira and Rani,

Marisa and I both had a great time the other night.  Thanks so much for cooking such a delicious meal and for showing us such warm hospitality.  I won’t hesitate to recommend your supper club to my friends.  (And might just be coming back myself sometime soon!)
P.S.  You must be happy with the cricket showing over the weekend!


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