Birthday Supperclub Celebrations!

Joginder's Supperclub Aprons made by Carolyn Agnew.


Towards the end of last year, we were asked by one of Ma Rani’s friends if we would provide the food for his up and coming birthday celebrations in February. Originally we were going to a different venue but then the idea of hosting a supperclub birthday party began to take shape instead. He liked the idea of an informal setting where his friends and family could really relax. Everyone enjoyed an hour of drinks and opening presents before settling down at the table for an evening of food and celebrations. Our supperclub experience was the first time for all the guests.

For starters we served up Pakoras followed by Tilapia Fish Masala and Stuffed Paratha. After a brief intermission (I love that word!) the main courses were brought to the table. We served Vegetable Biryani, followed by Mutton Masala, Murgh (Chicken) Masala and Chole Daal. The homemade chutneys and relishes at the table were Chilli Relish, Tomato Relish and Spicy Mango Chutney. Once people are seated I do like to forewarn them about the ‘temperatures’ of the added extras on the table. Chilli isn’t for everyone – one of the reasons why we don’t put an awful lot in our cooking (you can add it but can’t take it out!)

Half an hour later the bowls were taken away, refilled with hot seconds and returned to the table, where it was all duly finished. We really don’t joke about the seconds thing. If you want more you can have more, that’s the way we like it! Put as much as you’d like on your plate and go in for seconds, thirds…until your nicely full or only able to roll home! So with the wine flowing and the music and conversation battling for maximum volume it was another intermission and a quick reshuffle of seating before the next courses…..

Dessert was a selection of our homemade Almond Kulfi followed by homemade Lemon Tart (requested by Ma’s friend – one of his favourites!)

Homemade Lemon Tart

Our lovely suppliers of Indian Sweets in Kingsbury always make up a varied selection for us and asked us to try a new creation ‘Tutti Fruitti’. It all went, very quickly actually, lots of sweet palates around the table and possibly sore heads in the morning  as the sound of corks out of bottles signalled the the next phase of the evening!

With the last guests leaving at 1am, full and happy, I thought to myself in a profound moment of a post supperclub high that I love our little supperclub in our candlelit basement in good old Tufnell Park. Joginder’s Supperclub loves cooking for you so we look forward to seeing you at the table very soon!

Our next date is Saturday 26th March. Email us at to book your places x

P.S: Thank you Carolyn, for making our Aprons! xx

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