An evening spent cooking all the masalas for the big party!

It seems strange that this time last week the charity supper club was over and  Carolyn and I were getting ready for bed! Tonight I have just finished making my various ‘masalas’ for the chicken, mutton, chole and the vegetables for the biryiani. It was a leisurely affair as I don’t like to rush around. I need to check the strength and depth of each one and it is best done in a tranquil environment. Thankfully the family were all at work most of the day and kept out of my way.

The flavours of my meat recipes come from the marinades and masalas which I use for the chicken, mutton and lamb. The richly flavoured meat dishes have been developed by generations of my family from both my mother’s and father’s side and they go back a very  long way!!  Most Panjabi’s are essentially meat eaters and my family were/are no exception.  For the supper club our signature dish for over a year now has been the ‘ chicken masala’ – on the bone of course. However, recently  we also introduced the ‘ mutton masala’ which was my mother’s ( Joginder Kaur)  favourite dish to cook for special occasions and it has been a great hit and now everyone expects it at the supper club. Mind you I have to dig deep for it because ‘Indian’ mutton is as expensive if not more so than lamb and the only place I can get it from is my Indian butcher.

Looking forward to tomorrow!

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