Lazy cat, Fizzing sorbet and Paneer a plenty!!

We had a brilliant night last Saturday and for the first time Ma Rani, Pa Graham and I decided that we would sit down with our guests and eat! It was a lot of fun and I for one really appreciated having the time to chat to everyone a lot more. We still had to prepare dishes in between courses but that is the nature of our food! The evening didn’t finish until nearly 3am, staying that late isn’t required of you but you can relax for the  evening and stay as long as you wish…..

Georgie was no help at all. She refuses to lift a finger in helping me with the front of house preparations....

We served Paneer and Vegetable Kebabs and Stuffed Mushrooms as a starter ~ the kebabs always go down very well and whilst the weather is good we are trying to use the barbeque as much as possible for some of the dishes. The mushrooms are filled with crumbled paneer mixed with our Masala sauce and topped with sliced paneer, before going on the barbeque until lightly browned

Preparing the kebabs. The Paneer had been marinaded in our masala sauce

...ready for the barbeque

Stuffed Mushrooms

We served stuffed homegrown courgettes with a sweet and spicy chutney, made from fruit brought over by some friends of ours who live in spain.

There is nothing more satisfying (and rewarding) than picking your vegetables ready to serve a few hours later. We have quite a few courgette plants in the garden now!

Washed and ready to go!The courgettes are prepared and ready to be filled.


I took this photograph mid eating! Hence the slightly untidy look of the plate! Stuffed courgette served with our spanish sweet & spicy chutney

We also served our Fish Masala with Paratha. The fish was cooked on the barbeque and had a really delicious smoky and spicy taste!

Quail's Egg wrapped in a spicy minced lamp casing

Once cooked in the oven our Nargis meatballs are ready to serve. My great-granmother actually made hers with pigeons' eggs'. Ma Rani can tell you more about the recipes that have been developed from East Africa to the Punjab to Northfleet!!



Preparing the Fish Masala

For dessert we served Watermelon and Champagne Sorbet. Talk about a kick! Not only did it cleanse and palate but gave everyone a taste of fizz!

Watermelon & Champagne ready to stay in the freezer. Taken out ten minutes before serving


Watermelon & Champagne Sorbet (mint leaf as added decoration!)

 So we have some more dates in September and October, we are looking forward to meeting and cooking for those of you who have booked already. Lets hope the weather stays for a bit longer!

Saira x


2 thoughts on “Lazy cat, Fizzing sorbet and Paneer a plenty!!

  1. Hey there, just wanted to say how nice it was to meet you both at Fernandez and Leluu’s on Friday. Hope I can make it along to your supperclub soon, too! Catriona x


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