One of our guests who is a journalist from LA wrote:

{{Joginder’s Supper Club in  Tufnell Park  takes on the atmosphere of a large family dinner.

Guests – a mixed group of 20-something Bohemians, journalists, and middle-aged professors – sit in the garden at a long table decorated with tablecloths  with rich Indian patterns and colors. Spontaneously, they swap seats to talk to others who had been complete strangers less than an hour before. The conversation – which ranges from school-day anecdotes to politics – flows naturally, as though these strangers have known each other all of their lives.

Meanwhile, the lovely smell of coriander wafts through the space as guests munch happily on traditional Indian finger-foods such as vegetable samosas.

Rani Baker uses recipes from her Indian mother and relies on her daughter to help with the cooking. The primary satisfaction the Bakers get from their supper club comes from interaction with strangers.

“It’s just a hobby, really,” daughter Saira Baker says. “We just enjoy cooking and meeting people.”}}

Thank you Natalie – we enjoyed meeting you and delighted that you enjoyed our food. Have fun in Paris and Dubrovnik.

We are gearing up for next saturday and fingers crossed for good weather. I do not have a tandoor oven so I really do need my Bar-B-Q!!!

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