Welcome to our second summer menu!

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I do not find it difficult to cook ‘Panjabi’ summer food.


Because when I was growing up in East Africa, where I was born, we ate according to the availability of food. Admittedly much of it was grown in our garden and I do have vague memories( When I was about 6) of sitting under tomato bushes helping myself and to this day I love tomatoes!

Sadly I have left it too late to have fresh tomatoes on the menu on Saturday, but the courgettes are ready and they will be served to our guests. The smell of these beauties that have grown in my garden is something quite wonderful.  It is not an amazing thing to do  as they are really easy to grow well  but you do need the time to water them copious amounts of water twice a day!

A dish on the menu  causing me some concern has been the availability of quail’s eggs. Apparently it is really mean to eat them! I remember a young student at school bringing me some eggs to ‘eat’ as she did not want them wasted  – she bred them!

Waitrose came to the rescue. I love their food and the quail’s eggs were only delivered today so I am trying the recipe tomorrow! I use them because it is my Grandma’s recipe, and I am pretty sure that she actually  used ‘pigeon’s’ eggs – plentiful in the Punjab in the 1890’s!!

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