I did not enjoy my meal at one of our Gastro Pubs!!

I may be an ‘Indian Ma’ who has a passion for home cooked Punjabi food but having lived in ‘my home country’  for the last 45 years I do cook meals ‘from around the world ‘!

I think I am a real ‘foodie’. My husband , 3 children and I have travelled extensively and I think we all have a ‘ taste for food that is good’. This is not the  same as ‘ food that is made to tastes good’.

Sadly I had to deal with this tonight at a Gastro Pub that we have been going to for over a year. Have not visited it for nearly a month but my goodness what a downhill turn for the food.

Not going to name it as I hope it is  a one-off!

However, I am really disappointed that a main meal costing £15 was inedible  and at no stage did anyone say sorry other than not charge me for it!

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