Private SupperClub on the evening of 18th May

Gosh what a busy day on Monday! Shopping turned out be a more eventful session than I imagined in the evening. Not sure why but the usual car parking in Kingsbury was full – some sort of flooding! Parked on the main road and paid a horrendous amount into the meter but happy to have bought all that I need.

After feeding ‘the boys’ it was so nice to have the rest of the evening to get my ‘masalas’ ready for the ‘Sag/Murg’ and the ‘ Sabji’.

It was lovely to have the time on Tuesday to actually cook the  dishes as well as the accompaniments and deliver them to our guest by 5.30 pm for the party to begin at 7.30 pm!

I must remember to have a memory card in my camera for photos!!

1 thought on “Private SupperClub on the evening of 18th May

  1. We had a lovely e-mail from Doro!
    Dear Saira
    Your food was a great success, delicious and much appreciated, gave your card to several people- including my Indian friend! I had lots left over and gave it away/froze it – it was nearly all women who came, think they eat less!


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