Four Spaces Network – Driving and Supporting Initiatives Focused on Women’s Development


We are delighted to be proud sponsors of this fantastic new platform for women’s development. Jane and her lovely team hosted their first event on Thursday 30th June in London. Having bought our samosas at our Covent Garden market, Jane approached us about doing some food. We didn’t hesitate in saying yes and the evening was both insightful and fun with some great talks from women in business and the Essex police force. We are looking forward to creating some yummy food future events. You can sign up to receive information from Four Spaces by going to their website.

“Four Spaces was invented by five friends over a glass of wine. We talked about a common ambition: to make a contribution to society by driving and supporting initiatives that are focused on women’s development.

The first output of Four Spaces is this blog. This is an opportunity to explore the female experience.

Soon we got to talking about how we each moved in a vibrant network of women. Imagine the opportunities that could be ignited by bringing those people together. And that’s how our events were born. Four Spaces events are our fresh take on the tired world of business networking.

Four Spaces events are about cramming a series of surprising, fun, sometimes challenging but always thought provoking experiences into one short evening. By participating in opportunities to learn, to try or taste something novel or gain glimpses into other people’s stories our guests will meet new, fascinating people.

In the near future we hope to evolve Four Spaces further. Our fresh take on networking is step one of our mission. Our events will be the catalyst for a new  set of connections, opportunities, mischief and fun.

But we hope this is just the beginning of a movement to support women’s empowerment.”

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