It’s Been A Busy Few Months!

Ma Rani and I have been busy these last months with our Supperclub and our food stall which is now starting to become a regular feature at the Tufnell Park Tavern Food Market on a  Saturday! It has been a great way to catch up with our local supperclub guests, who regularly come and stock up on our sauces and chutneys. A lot of our produce is now organic thanks to a family friend who has a big allotment and regularly has an abundance of fruit and vegetable for us to create with!  Thanks Dennis! You may have tried Joginder’s Rhubarb Relish or new on the stall and at the supperclub table Joginder’s Beetroot and Onion Chutney. Rhubarb and Beetroot aren’t very Punjabi we hear you cry! No they are not. However, nothing should go to waste so we like to be challenged by all sorts of food and create new and exciting dishes. My Bejee (Joginder) came to England in the very early 1960’s and at the encouragement of her English neighbours in Northfleet, she started a vegetable garden. Rhubarb and Beetroot seemed to flourish in her garden along with other vegetables but the problem was Ma Rani and her siblings hated Rhubarb and could just about eat Beetroot. Bejee thought up interesting ways to cook with both and one of her recipes which has been adapted by Ma Rani was Rhubarb Relish, which the children, including Ma Rani ending up loving. So when you eat it you must know that this recipe in its original form is over 50 years old! Just like Bejee’s food, our food has developed over the years to cater for the different tastes of our friends and family (and supperclub guests!) We are pleased to be hosting two supperclubs in September and also managing to keep our stall at the food market. We are looking forward to cooking for our guests on September 1st and September 22nd. We have some exciting events which we are catering for and providing front of house service including a naming ceremony and a rehearsed reading night. We will have more dates coming for October and November so be sure to join our mailing list so you don’t miss out on places. Our menu format has changed to. We love the Spanish ethos of eating lots of dishes over an evening but in small portions so you will find the first few courses served like this with the main dishes following on followed by dessert. We don’t publish a menu before hand as we could decided to create a new dish the night before the supperclub or even in the morning. It is all about using what is available at the time which is a great way to cook and keeps you on your toes to come up with new and exciting dishes each time! A big thank you to all our guests who have attended our charity supperclubs and given so generously to Cancer Research and Macmillan Cancer Support. Our next charity supperclub will be in October. We also have a new feature on the blog page, ‘Tales from the Green Room’ the brainchild of the lovely Melissa and written by Pa Graham. If you ever join us for a supperclub do feel free to write something for it and we will post it!

See you at the table!

Ma Rani & Saira x

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