Another year almost over!

Thank you to all our guests who have sat at the table this year! Our second year of running our ‘little supperclub in good old Tufnell Park’ has been great, we have met some lovely people, and we are really pleased that quite a few of you keep returning! We are now fully booked for our last supperclubs of the year and look forward to cooking up a feast for you all.

We will be blogging throughout the christmas period as there is always something going on that either Ma Rani or I feel the need to share with you!

2012 will see the return of our cookery classes with a new and improved format that will work for those of you who lead very busy lives but still want to find the time to cook new dishes. Our supperclubs will be running once or twice monthly from January so if you would like to join our mailing list for future dates or to register your interest or pre book places then please do email us, we would love to hear from you!

We will also be popping up in a few unlikely places and working with local producers in Tufnell Park to highlight this wonderful area of London and the great community living here – incidentally if you are on twitter then do follow @TufnellParkLive for all the news and events in Tufnell Park ( you could give us a follow too!)

Our charity supperclubs will continue – many thanks for your generous donations to Cancer Research UK, MacMillan Nurses and Theatre Mad .

Look out for some Olympic themed suppers as well as celebrating the Diamond Jubilee. If you have a special birthday next year, you may want to celebrate with friends and book up the table for the evening!

Thanks again for your support, it is very much appreciated and we are just pleased to be able to offer you a different way to enjoy a culinary evening!

Saira & Rani x

Here are a few comments from our guestbook;

My favourite part was detecting the warmth and generosity of a family in love with food, people, and each other. How blessed I am to have been able to share in this for one night. Thank you. (Evelyn)

Thank you so much – this was definately a highlight for me of our European trip – meeting kind, authentic people and eating delicious home cooked food! I am absolutely stuffed – not just with food, but also with your wonderful hospitality (Derek)

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. The food was delicious (Elissa & Duncan)

My first supperclub and it was wonderful….really enjoyed the food and the company. I hope to invite you to my supperclub when I start mine up. Thanks, Namaste (Dinah)

What an utter joy to have been able to attend this wonderful evening!! I actually have so much eating behind me (from a week in Rome) and ahead of me (more restaurants in London) that I was worried about overdosing on more food tonight. Now I am so happy I DID overdose! What amazing, delicious food, and what a lovely warm and utter sweet welcome and hosting! Thank you SO much (Anne / Anne’s Kitchen)

Thank you so much for having me over and being so accomodating tonight. I had a wonderful time and the meal was just fantastic. I’m so glad to have found you! Thanks again! (Jamie)

Thanks so much for the beautiful food, you really looked after us and made us feel part of your home, thanks a lot. I am very full – which is a good thing! (Mike)

Really appreciate what you are doing – many congratulations. Fabulous food (and company). Thank you (Gary)

Even arriving half way through it beats most whole evenings into submission (the Lovely Melissa)

A great idea, applied exquistely. Delicious food. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself (Steve)








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