Up to our Eyeballs….

Hello Everyone!

Apologies for the lacking of blogging over the last few weeks. The phrase ‘up to the eyeballs’ can be applied here as Ma Rani and I have been busy on separate projects but we are well and truly back for a festive season at Joginder’s Supperclub over the next three months! We hope to have our date for November up over the next few days and in December we plan on doing a few so please do join our mailing list!

Next week sees our 2nd Birthday celebration which we are looking forward to immensely and because our guests have always been so generous in helping to support our charities we are going to be raising some more money for the MacMillan Nurses next Saturday.

Before then we have an early Diwali celebration tomorrow – celebrated Punjabi and Gujarati style courtesy of my sister in law’s family. Fireworks, dancing, eating and drinking with a bit of colour thrown in! Photos and write-up will follow!

Blogging to start in earnest again!

Saira x


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