Come Dine With Me Part 2

We had a full table last week with a great mix of people! Fellow Tufnell Parkers, a collegue and her friend from my theatre days and the lovely Melissa of ‘The Love People’ who has shown immense support to our supperclub by attending almost every single one!

We served Spicy Cornbread with Saag Paneer & Tomato and Punjabi Chicken Tikka with Mooli

Spicy Cornbread with Saag Paneer & Tomato

Punjabi Chicken Tikka served with Mooli

Conversation turned to the popular programme ‘Come Dine With Me’. I hold my hands up (as will Ma Rani) and say that I watch it religiously and dare I say it set the old Sky Plus. Some of our guests felt the same (hooray!) but we did all agree that whilst the programme was based around cooking and entertaining the cooking part should be taken in the loosest sense of the word. It is a reality show with a pleasant surprise when a contestant actually creates something impressive! (I’ve just flicked through the channel guide as I write this and it is on three different channels…..)

I’m getting better at taking photos throughout the evening but once we get into our ‘supperclub mode’ I forget to pick up the camera!

Stuffed Baby Aubergine ready to go into the oven

We served our second signature dish, Mutton Masala (it has been requested for our Royal Wedding Extravaganza on Friday) with Jeera Rice, Tarka Moong Daal and Stuffed Roti

Mutton Masala

Stuffed Roti

One of our guests, we learnt, had been commissioned to make something for the royal wedding – he wouldn’t reveal anything, not even a small hint so hopefully we will know what it is on Friday! Maybe one of the cakes? First dance choreography? A painitng?…..

Making the Spicy Cornbread

And ready for the oven

Preparing Saag Paneer & Tomato once the guests are seated at the table

Some of our dishes, such as a meat curry, are prepared and cooked slowly during the day. We do like to create the dishes which precede the main part of the meal so we can cook everything from fresh once guests have sat down at the table. It is nice for guests to see and hear you cooking and because the dining room is directly off the kitchen, the aroma from each dish can be smelt even before it has made it’s way to the table!

Homemade Almond Ice with Seasonal Fruit Salad in our Sweet Masala Sauce

Once the main courses are served Ma Rani likes nothing better than turning up the volume on the radio and doing a spot of Bangra….! (I do too but you won’t get me doing it on camera…!) We are now gearing up for our Royal Party on Friday which should be a lively affair – write up and photos will be posted! A big thank you to our wonderful guests, we are so pleased that you enjoyed the food and the evening. We look forward to cooking for you again! New supperclub dates will be available at the beginning of next month. See you at the table!

Lastly we would like wish HRH Prince William and Catherine Middleton a very happy day on Friday. We will be celebrating with you! Eat, drink and be merry!

Saira x

2 thoughts on “Come Dine With Me Part 2

  1. Love to hear the updates – and can’t wait to I can join you again. I can’t make it home to Norfolk for the wedding due to work, but friend in Tufnel Park has mentioned joining him for a street party – hopefully the same one you are preparing for. Fingers crossed to see some bangra


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