Looking forward to Saturday for the supper club!

I am always excited about every supper club that I cook for but non more so than the one this Saturday! Why? Because  Saira, my darling daughter has a fantastic new job. She really deserves it.

While she was having her interview I spent the morning randomly doing bus journeys in North London! I was so nervous for her that I needed to take my mind off things.  I stopped off at places that I didn’t know existed and bought a whole manner of produce including fresh herbs, fish and cheese. It will take us weeks to eat it all! I am really beginning to enjoy my ‘Freedom Pass’!

By the time I got home I feared the worst and when the phone rang a very tired sounding Saira said ‘ hello Ma, can’t talk too long BUT ( long breath in!) I got the job! I was so excited I actually dropped the phone but did manage to compose myself – as you do !

Our supper club is Saira’s brainchild because she passionately believes that people need to experience real home cooked Punjabi (Indian) food and that is why her second sentence was ‘ Ma , have you made the paneer  for the supper club yet?’  I lied and said yes – of course I hadn’t because I was busy all morning ‘travelling’ while she was  having her interview! I don’t think she believed me but I did make up for it by buying a nice bottle of bubbly and having it chilled by the time she stopped off at the end of the day!

So on saturday I am planning a ‘celebration surprise’ for our diners. Hope they enjoy it!

Once again – really proud of you Saira.

4 thoughts on “Looking forward to Saturday for the supper club!

  1. Congratulations, Saira!

    And glad that Mma has found a use for her Freedom Pass – the name reminds me of Janis Joplin and Bobby McGee rather grimly 🙂

    Duncan x


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