Looking forward to this Saturday’s Supperclub!

We are busy preparing for this Saturday and it really is all systems go. The cooking doesn’t start properly until early on Saturday morning but we always do a trial run of dishes on the menu and new ideas a few days before. Here’s a visual sneek peek at some of our food that you will try at the table at some point this year. Incidentally Ma Rani had the help of my brother who really is a mighty fine chef too! He tried a different take on our Murgh Masala and Saag Aloo. Absolutely delicious! (Can I just point out that I wasn’t allowed in the kitchen – is someone trying to usurp me? It is like Shakespeare but with food and not words)

A different take on Joginder's Murgh Masala

Starting with the Spinach to create....

A particularly mouthwatering Saag Aloo

And ready!...Murgh Masala, Saag Aloo with Spicy Rice and Homemade Roti

So, we look forward to meeting and cooking for everyone on Saturday and thank you to those of you who have asked for our next dates. I promise May and June will up soon! We are really pleased to be getting local support as well. Good old Tufnell Park!

See you at the table

Saira x

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