Charity Supperclub in France

This is the third time I have had the opportunity to cook in France and this time a huge thank you to Barbara and Cedric-  who live in Folles- for hosting the club in their lovely home. I love cooking for our supper club and in England it is always in the evening so it was a bit of a challenge to cook food for a lunchtime. In this rural part of France everyone lives so far away from each other that a lunchtime event was more appropriate.The second challenge was to transport the food 30 km. from Carolyn’s  house in Droux to Folles, so I needed to cook parts of the food  which  could be prepared in advance and transported with ease. The next two hours were spent sorting out some of the menu and off we went to see what produce we could find. Naturally the first stop was lunch at a local restaurant ‘ Relais au Limosin’  For speed we opted for the Plat De Jour – what amazing food at 12.30 pm. Three courses plus a glass of wine and coffee all for £13. 25!  Sadly no photos as I had forgotten my camera.

Next stop  was Barbara’s house to pick up home grown produce. We left laden with carrots, parsnips, mange tout and green beans. My mind was working over time deciding what to cook with all these wonderful vegetables! Back in Bellac, in the supermarket we found everything but alas no lamb for a keema so went for the beef instead. The green coriander needed a real hunt and we did find some in the spices section. But then Dai and Phil – friends of Carolyn’s -came to the rescue. They actually had some growing in their garden in February! Back in Droux we were ready to cook.


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