Cricket, Kulfi and New Friends!

Joginder’s Supperclub has started off the New Year with bang! Our first supperclub was on Saturday 8th January and a very lively and enjoyable evening it proved to be. We tried some new recipes, one in particular, our Channa Samosa with Rhubarb chutney went down so well that plates were being passed across the table for seconds! My mouth waters whenever I do these write ups because I am reliving the smells and tastes of the dishes (which I get to try in the kitchen if Ma Rani lets me!) One shouldn’t ‘big up’ their own food but I will. This course was bloody lovely and I would eat them all day long if I had the chance.

The table was a lively throng of conversation all evening, cricket dominating for some of it and because Pa Graham had mentioned about their trip to Australia over pre supper drinks that snuck into the conversation too. If we have place free Pa Graham sits down to eat as well and this particular evening I think he made a cricketing friend! Thanks Adam! We met some really nice people who I hope enjoyed the evening as much as we did.

Fish Masala ready for the oven

Next up was Fish Masala served with Stuffed Paratha and then followed by the main courses which or course included our signature dish Joginder’s Chicken Masala  We have listened to our guests and it will be on every other menu!

Paratha with Spinach & Paneer

Last weekend we decided to make both the Friday and Saturday our charity suppers and with the generous donations of all our guests we raised £200 for Cancer Research.  We had some of our returning guests and some new faces. One guest had booked herself a place at the beginning of December last year, and I have to say it was as though we had known her for years! It turns out that she taught at the same college attended by my boyfriend in Grays, Essex. Anne now lives in Norfolk but works in London a few days a week. She delayed her journey home until the Saturday morning so she could come to our supperclub. Ma Rani packed up some food fo her husband to try!  Hopefully along with all our new guests, we will get to cook for them again soon.


Spicy cornbread served with Fish Masala

Tarka Masoor Daal

Prepping the Kulfi

A new dessert has made its way onto our menus for 2011. Homemade Kulfi. When we first started our supperclub back in October 2009, Ma Rani and I spent hours pouring over recipes. It is not easy creating a menu. We always wanted to serve the dishes we love but it was a chance to really push ourselves in cooking and experimentation. Our Kulfi is a little lighter and balancing more on the healthy eating side than a Kulfi that you may be served in an Indian restaurant.  Our dessert course is designed to sweeten your palate after an evening of spices, and not to put you off if you are feeling particularly full! In this instance the Pistachio Kulfi served with fruit slices went down well. Served in small ramakins it was just right, we were told. So hopefully, once we try out some more flavours, our Kulfi will be staying on the menu for a while.

Homemade Pistachio Kulfi

Our next dates are Saturday 5th March and Saturday 26th March. We are also supporting another charity, MAD (please click on the link to find out more).

Please e-mail us at to book your places and follow us on facebook for regular updates! We look forward to cooking for you soon!

Rani & Saira xx

2 thoughts on “Cricket, Kulfi and New Friends!

  1. Hello Saira

    I certainly will be back, and Dell, my husband, loved the food too. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon

    Anne xx


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