Coming to your from the Northern & Southern Hemispheres’ very soon….!!

Joginder’s Supperclub will be blogging from Hong Kong, Australia and Bangkok and London over the next few weeks. Ma Rani is taking a well deserved trip to the other side of the world to visit my sibling in Brisbane, Australia. As well as getting to watch the 1st Ashes test, she will be hosting supper clubs whilst staying with various friends and family along the way and visiting some too! So, look forward to some international blogging, plenty of photos, new recipes, weird and wonderful places to visit and of course the write ups from our supper club in the cosy surroundings in Tufnell Park!

More dates to follow for December and into 2011…

Saira x



Enjoying a southern summer of cricket and culinary delights......(copyright S.Baker 2010)


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