Happy Birthday!

What an honour for us to cook for a special birthday party. Despite the cloudy skies we were determined to make the food speak for itself. Panjabi food has a regional uniqueness and our supper club specializes in food not only from this region but also the food I learned to cook by observing and practising the food cooked in my family kitchen when I was a teenager. But I developed an interest in other types of cuisine also, particularly to cook the ‘perfect roast ‘! I have been trying for over 40 years – not quite there yet but I won’t give up hope!

As some of Maggie’s guest were  less partial to Panjabi food I served a selection of other dishes also. Thankfully I had two ‘sous chefs to assist!

My day was spent cooking the samosas, pakoras, murg/saag and mutton korma with all the accompaniments. All our friends and anyone who has been to our supper club over the past year will know that  only a small selection of herbs and spices are needed to produce a unique flavour in each of the dishes I cook. Friends and family have developed a taste for these dishes and that is what I try to reproduce when cooking for our catering events.

One of the guests asked if the food was ‘hot’.  My answer – ‘ Of course, I don’t serve cold food’! and immediately realised he was referring to chilli! I find it odd that some people feel that they must have food with so much chilli in it that they have no idea of the taste of the actual dish they are eating. Indeed one guest commented that the lamb korma was too mild!

We are delighted that 99% of the guests and Maggie herself were so complementary of our food. I happen to feel that Panjabi food is one of the best in the word and if you decide to come to one of our supper clubs you will see and taste why?

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