Looking forward to Saturday!

We are praying for good weather as we complete our shopping list for the  trip to Kingsbury. Usually we are so busy shopping for our fresh ingredients that we forget to take photos but I am determined that on friday we will make up for it.  Unfortunately the tomatoes and courgettes in the garden are not ready – left it a little late to plant them outdoors. Hopefully we will be using them at the next supper club. However, there are enough strawberries for the cocktails and plenty of herbs.

Herbs ready!

Lots of Courgettes to come!

And of course George will be there as the resident ‘Guest’!


Love the White Rose and the Deep Purple Clematis

Looking forward to seeing our guests and serving them our delicious Panjabi food.

Spain has just beaten Germany! So it will be a Holland v Spain cup final. My money is on Spain to win on Sunday. I think  we will serve up our food ‘Tappas’ style in anticipation!

We hope you enjoy the garden also but I will try to get some orange and red flowers too!

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