We are looking forward to the 12th and are fully booked!

We are really looking forward to next Saturday and once again apologise to  those of you who wanted to book but were unable to do so. It is the way the supper club works. We work on a ‘first come first served basis’. We have no idea why people book up weeks in advance but they do and we are always disappointed that we have to turn down bookings. It must be because of our authentic Punjabi food and you will not taste the likes of it in any restaurant. This Saturday will be really exciting as we try out our summer dishes.

Enough chatter as I am off to prepare the ‘paneer’ for the samosas – it’s only 10.30 pm!!

I meant to start earlier but our dear cat was obviously poorly and we needed to gether  to the vet. Not quite sure what is the matter with her but we hope to find out on friday at a cost of £132 – of which £99 was for a blood test for a cat!!!

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