Alarm clocks, IPL and that Spicy Fish Curry….

Each time we do our supperclub our guests are getting more local. Most people seated around the table didn’t have to worry about last trains, only babysitters’ so we were delighted to sit down with them until gone midnight! We had had a busy day catering for a luncheon party (the alarm went at 7am and I don’t class myself as a morning person so it was tough getting out of bed!).  We sat down for a quick breather to watch a bit of the IPL (Indian Premier League Cricket Tournament) with a cuppa of tea and a plate of Pakoras. Now to carry on preparing for the supperclub.We decided to serve the spicy fish curry as a course on its own with Paratha. This has always been one of the vegetarian options but has been passed around the table for everyone to eat whenever we have served it! Needless to say it went down very well with nothing left once seconds had been had.

Saira laden with fresh produce at Kingsbury market! Always done with a smile!

Preparing the lamb kebabs

Plating up

I spent alot more time in the kitchen than I usually do during the evening so we’ve got a few more pictures of the food this time. I always get told of by Ma Rani for not taking enough pictures so apologies but I’m going to bombard you with visuals on this particular blog!

A change of colour as we head into spring and summer!

During the evening the topic of conversation turned to why people run supperclubs and why people like to visit them. I have said in previous posts that ours is  to cook the food we love for people and to host an enjoyable evening! There is a certain amount of trust on both sides I think, and this is something that I was talking to Erica, one of our guests about. As a host you have to put your trust in the people you are allowing into your home. Nothing is put away especially for the evening so you get to see the photo wall built up over thirty odd years by Ma, the cricket paraphernalia collected by my dad and you may even get a greeting from Georgie the cat. You put your trust in us to provide you with an enjoyable evening, good company and good food. In order for a supperclub to work it has to be a two-way straight between the host and the guests. We are lucky that now going into our sixth, we have had such lovely, interesting people walking through the door. Some of whom have struck up friendships with other guests and some who have become regulars that they are almost like friends to us!

Tucking in!

Ma Rani enjoying a well earned drink once 'service' had finished in the kitchen. It is such a bonus when we can sit down and talk to our guests.

As we move towards the summer, we are going to start opening up the garden. We are putting together menus that incorporates barbeque cooking for some dishes. This doesn’t even have to be weather dependent! Our next supperclub on Saturday 1st May will have some new dishes and some old favourites so please do check out the menu section.

We had a lovely time! Thank you so much again. Really enjoyed meeting you all too. Would definitely like to come again.
Love yvette and andy xx

Thank you so much for a truly wonderful evening;  I haven’t stopped talking about it, with friends and neighbours all day!  The food completely surpassed my expectations, I enjoyed chatting with the other guests and, as for your family and home – both utterly delightful.  You will definitely be seeing me again.

Best wishes,

See you for the next one!

Saira x

1 thought on “Alarm clocks, IPL and that Spicy Fish Curry….

  1. Our lunch party enjoyed their food too! A lovely e-mail from them!

    Dear Rani, Saira and Graham,

    Thank you all so much for our most delicious lunch. I have had so many emails mentioning the wonderful food;
    It was really smooth and gave enough leftovers not to worry about Sunday supper. The only shame was the box of delicious sweets found on the worktop, among the donated chocolates and flowers – we’ll just have to eat them all ourselves and join weightwatchers next week!


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