Sunday 21st March was an amazing day!

Catering for this private function was hard work but my goodness was it worth it!  So many kind people gave us such wonderful compliments about our food. It was really worth the time and effort that went into it.

‘The Shopping’!

Friday afternoon was spent shopping in Kingsbury for fresh produce. Had to ask the ‘Man of the House’ to come and help carry 20 kg. of meat and 20 kg. of a variety of vegetables, not to mention 10 kg of rice and a whole host of spices and condiments.

Masala for the Chickpea and Potato
Masala for the Chickpeas and Potato

Cooking began Saturday lunchtime with preparing the ‘masalas’

It takes a long time to grate and then brown 6 kg. of onions in oil. You can read a whole book doing it!!

Masala for the Saag Murg

My fantastic copper pan comes into it’s own for large scale cooking. I bought it in France when visiting my dear friend Carolyn and catering for the very first ‘jogindersupperclub’.

Lacking pans that were big enough I had to use foil containers for the dishes. Two of each for lunch and dinner. Each foil dish contained 6.5 kg. As you can see they needed ‘underwiring’!!

Saag/ Murg having the masala added!

On to the party!!

Reaching for more....

Ma Rani doing the rounds and taking well earned praise for the food!

We did the food in two sittings. Lunch and dinner. The table was always full of food!

The party in full swing!

As always too busy to take photos!!

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