Just come and enjoy the food!!

I have to say that  our supper club is about OUR PANJABI FOOD! We don’t have any gimmicks – just the food!

In fact Jamie Oliver did an ‘Indian’ as a 30 minute meal  and some of it was unusual!  – we do not sprinkle turmeric over the chapatis/roti as raw turmeric is very bitter.

However, I do love Jamie as he has inspired so many young people to cook including my own children.

We  at our supper club don’t want to be millionaires – we just want to share our love of  wonderful home cooked food.

Thank you to all  of you who have come and sat around our dinner table and shared our food. I am really sorry that we are fully booked for the  5th March  but look forward to seeing you on the 26th March, which is our next date!

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